Tuesday, December 25, 2001

CNN.com - Midnight Oil back to 'rub noses' with North American fans - November 15, 2001

"So where has this impassioned group that once produced such thunder from Down Under been?
"We've been where we've spent most of our lives," said Garrett. "In this country on the other side of the world on the other hemisphere, with a different time zone and a different climate called Australia."

This whole "Where are they now?" thing rarely takes into account people being successful in their own country, or even, some times, in everywhere else but the USA.

But Peter Garrett's not antagonistic:

"We recognize that if we're going to put our records out in other places we need to reacquaint ourselves with our mates in different places -- come and rub noses with the audience," he said. "

Yep, that works for me too.
Movie & TV News @ IMDb.com Rivera Dukes it out with Reporter

Geraldo Rivera, just for the bleeding obvious record, is a fucking idiot. First he reports he's carrying a gun for his safety in Afghanistan. (Uh hello? Supposed to be a *real* reporter? yeesh). Now he's spitting the dummy because he's been found out about not being at the site of the friendly fire incident.

"In an interview appearing in today's (Monday) Washington Post, Rivera charged that Sun writer David Folkenflik had "slandered a journalist who is an honest person and has contributed arguably much more to American society than he has."

How exactly did his piece of shit daily talk show add to American society?

Eh, no point wasting further words on this cretin that nobody should be taking seriously. (Hello, Fox News? I'm looking at you now.)