Saturday, September 30, 2000

Perhaps Apocryphal, but Still Amuses Me.

"The Winner of the Inspiration Award For reminding us what it's all about"

"Attributed to EPIC's Marc Rotenberg, and though we aren't sure if it's a real case or not, it says it all and we couldn't pass it up. Thanks, Marc."

"Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of sXXXch, or the right of the people peaceably to XXXemble, and to peXXXion the government for a redress of grievances."
DFN: Winners of the Foil the Filters Contest

"The Winner of the Frolic Award For fun at censorware's expense

Peacefire's Bennett Haselton takes the prize for his fun with Cybersitter.
Bennett started with this phrase: "Gary Bauer is a staunch
anti-homosexual conservative who sees the gay movement as absolutely pure fascism and thinks movies of men with men are the greatest terror."

After Cybersitter's keen filters attacked it, here's what came out: "Gary Bauer is a staunch anti-conservative who sees the gay movement as absolutely pure and thinks movies of men with men are the greatest." "

Oh, this is just Fun! Yes, I am a Left Wing Bleeding Hearted Liberal, why do you ask? ;-)
Christine AnuYahoo! Australia & NZ Music

If you're coming to JournalCon, you might score a CD with Antipodean music on it, such as the stuff by Christine Anu in the above link. One of my favourite Australian female singers, not a dud song so far. If you're not coming to JournalCon, I'm open to trades. Somewhere , sometime, I'll post the track listing. All MP3's only, that way I can fit 650 minutes of music. But if you're reading this, you'll porbably play the CD on your computer anyway, which is a good thing, cause MP3's don't play in your usual CD player, I'm told. :: shimmer like a girl :: days :: Ooooooolympics! II

Link courtesy of Lynda. It's Georgina, she's an Antipodean journaller, she lives in Sydney, and it is very nice to read about the Olympics from the home view. I heard on NPR's All things considered, an excerpt from Channel 7's coverage of the startling win by the Greek chappie, nice to hear a bit from home. I'm quite narked that it's not live, and I'm also narked for the parents of the US Olympian's who couldn't go, they don't get to see their kid run/swim/jump/whatever live either, and that's such a ripoff for them. NBC doesn't quite seem to have this Olympic thing down.

Google is a completely different story, this is so cool! Cameron clued me in, Google has run a daily sequence of logos featuring Olympic Kangaroos. As I said to them in my CoolBanana's email, "They're on the right side of the Australian thing, the wrong side being the Subaru Outback and the Outback Steakhouse! Did good, guys!"

They wrote back and pointed me at their other previous doodle series; Aliens, and 4th of July (US). Nifty nifty stuff, plus their search engine's got slightly less bloat than others, plus they're not BigBastardWankerlyYahoo, so they just get points for that. They might be selling some of their search engine technology to BBWY (I swear I've seen it in the script searching that Yahoo does when it's doing it's looking/compiling thing), but that doesn't make them a BBWY. Not until they start buying and completely fucking up posted by Amanda at  

'Survivor' Castaway Colleen Lands Movie Role

Mmph. A Rob Schneider film and that chickie babe from Survivor who misunderstood the word "observation". On my list of "might watch it if it was on the cable I'm already paying for and there's nothing better on". I hope she's socking her money away for later.

I'm going to watch the Australian Survivor, of course! To see the landscape, and to see if the second cast can possibly escape the self-awareness now that the first one's done. I didn't see the first episode of "The Real World" when it ran, I'm thinking something like that. The further away from the original one, the more acute the camera and self awareness is going to be, until it's no less staged than your average WB dramafest.
Silly 2000 - Keeping you sane during the games

And now for something completely sarky..

Slingin' that slang - Squishy Forum

This is Page 4 (and my entry) in a well good thread on Pamie's forum, about Slang. There are some I'm just bound to pick up, tempted to print the whole (5 pages!!) thing out and insert a new one into my vocab each week. It rocks like Bob!
Posted September 24, 2000 02:58 PM

"Australians are all over this slang thing.
Fuckwit, fuckwittage, fuckwittery, Fucken' Oath; which in polite company can be reduced down to Ken Oath.

I'm so hungry I could eat the crotch out of a low flying duck.

Holy snapping duck shit!

I'll be off like a) a bucket of prawns in the sun. b) a brides nightie (US Equiv= prom dress, I'm told).

Flat out like a lizard drinking.

As useless as: a) Handbrake on a Holden (have to know the car to get that one),
b) Hip pockets on a sock,
c)Tits on a bull.

shout; as in it's my shout, as in It's my turn to pay for this round of drinks.

He's a real drongo; he's an idiot

Dag; this ones hard to explain. It's usually used to describe someone who's a bit uncool, but it's not derogatory especially. As in "I was dressed in my dag clothes.". or if you make a tit of yourself "I felt like *such* a Dag!". The other definition of a dag is the bits of shit that get caught around the sheeps arse, or
as a verb, the removal of the bits of flesh and wool around the sheeps arse so that bit doesn't get flyblown, so it's a pretty fluid word.

Go fuck yourself sideways with a wire brush is my fave for taligating loonies.

Sex on a stick is a matched pair with I could lick him like a lollie.

My USA'n spouses favourite swear phrase is shitfuckdamnpisshell.

We have a few choice phrases for throwing up also; chunder, Chuck Chunder, spew (Usually used like "I spewed my guts up"), talking on the porcelain telephone to God, Technicolour Yawn.

Dry as a dead dingoes donger; means I'm thirsty, or it's particularly dry weather. Donger=dick.

I'm not very good with the American word "ass", it doesn't trip off the tongue in my accent. Whup Arse just sounds silly.

Friday, September 29, 2000


Not Much Else to say about this really.
LILEKS (James): Jasper Dog

Doggie Doggie Doggie Doggie!
So Very Sad

My bit from Kymm's forum. Rather than putting them into my journal entries, unless I go Long, I'm thinking I'll blog them.

"I want to write to the ASPCA and PETA and the other animal cruelty places and say "Here, I'll send you all the money I can, just PLEASE don't send me those stories anymore. I'm good, I have 5 cats from various shelters and states of abandonment, they're all collared and neutered and well fed, I even feed one of the local strays at my back door, Please Stop Making Me Cry!!". I mean, I believe in their cause, I really do, but I am so not the audience to aim these stories at, I just end up depressed and weeping buckets and feeling guilty because I only have 5 cats.."

Wednesday, September 27, 2000 - Search for missing surfer called off [ 28sep00 ]

I'm not sure where the other link is, that tells the story of the 17 year old boy taken. The original story said the distance was too far for it to have been the one shark in both attacks. The thing about the sea around there, the bodies may not show up, if at all, for months. Someone I know from Ceduna, her fiancee's fishing boat went down, and he and the two others on board, just went missing. They had a memorial service a few montsh later, and the day after the memorial service, his body floated up to shore. The sea's funny that way. Yet, when I live too far away from it, like I did in Canberra, I feel lost. Most of Australia's settlements are on the coast, 19 million people, the population of Texas, in a land mass 5% smaller than the Continental United States, and they're mostly gathered around the edges.
Athletes go for gold in bed, condoms rushed in

It's the last line that really gets me. Yeah, sure matey, we'll get you the Extra Extra Large. We believe you, though thousands wouldn't!
Officials expect "Manic Monday" sprint for airport

God. Everyone who wants to be in Sydney Airport on Monday, take one step forwards. (Amanda scuttles towards the back..)
Australian beaten to death in Burmese jail

Erm. The headline is Australian beaten to death, but everywhere else in the article, he's still in the present tense.. Is it just me?