Saturday, November 03, 2001

Brookfield Farm Tour:

This link is from Jessie's entry today.

I live in the "Garden State" and in the area in that state that provides a chunk of the growing space. Our ex-Governor Christy Whitman set up a Protection of Open spaces plan, to buy farms and preserve them. I wish someone would set up something like Brookfield Famr near me, I'd be in like Flynn with my cash on the knocker. Organic veges, grown for me, the farm preserved, what's not to like?
Whole Class Self Monitoring

Actually... he's a Very Cool teacher. The Novel makes him the sort of teacher I'd like to have had. I mean, I had cool teachers, and this guy would have rated up there with them. The self monitoring idea makes him into also the sort of teacher I'd like my nephews and nieces to have. I like children who understand actions and consequences, they grow up into adults who understand etc.
Polar Bear Phat - The Novel

The coolest thing to come out of NaNoWriMor is the Polar Bears. They're a 5th grade class from Florida, and their teacher has set the 29 kids up to write a novel during this month. That is such a cool teacher!