Thursday, October 26, 2000

bodyperks (tm) - nipple enhancement

Got this URL from Beth's page,, and it popped up (pun half intended) just when Jeff and I were watching the new series of Spin City. It seemed highly appropriate as we had just been surmising that all the rooms on the set of Spin City, or at least the ones Heather Locklear appeared in, were rather chilly. Nipply airconditioning...

This site just makes me feel peculiar about clicking on their navigation buttons.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Exclusive: Mellencamp, Stephen King Developing Musical

You might not have seen it over at Beth's. This is like something I'm sure I've dreamt. It has that sleep surreality to it.
Japanese Economist Rolls to World Monopoly Title

You wouldn't think this article would raise my feminist hackles. Go on. Read down. I'll wait.

"Scotland's Marilyn Elliott, a sweet-faced mother of three, was the first to be knocked out of the final."

Why did they mention this? She's a fucking Bank Manager for chrissakes, and they didn't mention the marital status of the four other players they mentioned by name. UnImPressed with this load of old sexist tripe.
Kangaroo Spotted Leaping Around Suburb

I was surprised to find this is London. The kangaroo's probably a bit pissed off and a bit cold. In Canberra, I did come round the corner in my car several times to find 3 or 4 big roos in the middle of the road. This was usually in the middle of the night, but still startling. Canberra is smack in the middle of completel bushlands, so I guess it's not that surprising.
Woman Dies of 'Economy Class Syndrome'?

Who doesn't move at least 3-4 minutes in an hour on any kind of a flight?? But then, I grew up travelling long distances on planes and cars and buses, so I'm used to it, I guess. This sounds a bit freak-accident-ish..
"A spokeswoman for Qantas was quoted as saying: "The safety of our
passengers is always of paramount importance and we refer to the possible
effects of flying in our in-flight magazine." It advises passengers to move their legs and feet for three or four minutes per hour to improve circulation."

When you're sitting down, the idea is to pump your feet up and down. Heel to toe and back again. If you have a small pillow, you can put it under there. Or a tip I got, cause I carry a little blow up neck pillow, is to put that under my feet while not using it, and pump and push against that. It's a minimal movement. I think this woman must have not moved at all.