Friday, June 22, 2001

PETsMART Charities' Millionth Adopted Pet Countdown

This is the sort of story that helps to offset all the animal abuse stories that pop up. My local Petsmart is a 45-60 minute drive each way away, but Jeff and I make the time to buy our catfood (Hills Science Diet Maintenance Dry and Whiskas casserole wet) from there, because of two reasons. Even with the extra sales tax (in my County, it's 3%, outside of that in NJ, it's 6%), and the cost of driving there and back, it still works out cheaper by at least a couple of dollars. And then there's this whole "Petsmart doesn't sell cats and dogs, they provide space for local humane societies to adopt their animals out" deal that makes me go there even if it cost me more for the food. The social reponsibileness behind this idea needs to be rewarded, even by my drop in the bucket pet food order.