Wednesday, December 06, 2000

My Life in 12-Point Font - December 4, 2000

For an entry fueled by a reaction to Jan's entry, check out this entry in my journal.

Sunday, December 03, 2000

Millions of callers press to hear the duck quack (12/02/2000)
``Two thousand of our customers are ducks,'' McQuilkin said. ``People take their money seriously, but it's refreshing to see that people would have fun and say, `I'm just going to be a duck.' ''

One of the benefits of living in the USA ; I called.
Defunct throws lifeline to Alaska sled dogs (11/30/2000)
Donations may be sent to Alaskan Dog Relief Project, HSUS Northern Rockies Regional Office, 490 North 31st St., 215, Billings MT 59106.

If I was a stockholder, I'd be happy with this decision.