Saturday, November 25, 2000

When Wallflowers Attack

My piece of advice? Don't do as one hapless Australian boy eejit did after I snapped at him for doing something fucking stupid "What's the matter, you on the rag?". After I shredded him into a teeny tiny heap of smouldering remains, I informed him that yes, I was, to use the vernacular, on the rags, but the reason I only shredded him was that he was not worth the time it would take to piss on, let alone the energy to toss him out the window, as would have been my first inclination.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Kopi Luwak

I had heard about this on NPR ages ago, then we were having a discussion on diary-l about foods that we couldn't quite believe that people ate, and I told of what I'd heard. I love the internet, days later a post to dairy-l comes up with this link. The little animated gif has me giggling like a loon..

Sunday, November 19, 2000

IT: Original dot-com enters cyberspace
"The tribe found that the domain was being cybersquatted by a
Sydneybased computer programmer, who offered to give it back to the traditional owners."

If I can take giveback literally, and this guy's giving it to the Tribe for free, then not all cybersquatters are bastards! Says she, who owns 20+ domain names. I plan to do something with them, really I do!