Friday, December 21, 2001


"And a Burger King cup! "

OK, so I no longer think the Burger King Cups are quite so naff.
Google Holiday Logos

Blogger always has the googlest, er, that would be coolest specialty logos, and this Christmas is no exception. They update every day, for about a week or so.

My other favourite is the sequence done for the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics. For my money, this sequence beats the crap out of every single millisecond of NBC's crap coverage.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Big Country star 'sounded great' before death trip - NME.COM News

As soon as I heard he'd been found dead, my first thought was suicide. I don't know why, I'd never read anything about his depressions or alcoholism. Being found dead in a hotel room in Hawaii after being disappeared for a month, that just sounds like someone in dire straits. Today I read this, and it's appeared to be confirmed. He was found hanging in the hotel room in Hawaai. How awful sad. I really liked his music, his Big Country music was all I knew, but it was good stuff.

Quotiing from this
"they were pioneers and they had a wonderful attitude to life. They were joyous to watch playing live and they played great music."

Joyous, happy music he made, and it's awful dreadful sad that he's dead at 43.

Courtney Love delivers open message to Nirvana fans - NME.COM News

mmm. I don't actually subscribe to the theory that Nirvana was only Kurt Cobain. Can't say much for Krist Novoselic's work after the band's demise, but just looking at Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, and thinking back to songs like Smells like Teen Spirit, that driving drum beat was as much a part of that song as the guitar riff.

Courtney does have it tough, being a single Mum in almost any circumstances is no picnic, let alone high profile, husband killing himself with a shotgun, fairly alternative career and lifestyled one.

I think she's a little off beam in this one.