Friday, July 27, 2001

InteliHealth: "Food should be your medicine. Only if food is not powerful enough should we look at medicine," said James Gordon, chairman of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy."

Damn straight! Vitamins should only be needed in other than ordinary circumstances. If you're coming down with a cold, if you're PMSing, not every day occurence type deals, times when your body could use the extra help and *can't get that help from food*. Which should be the exception rather than the rule. Course, this is not in the pharmaceutical companies best interests to promote, so they'd prefer to indulge in scare tactics.

This is a private Health insurer from my home state of South Australia. Do you see what the Australian Government, operating on a Much Smaller per capita operating budget than the US government is managing to do? Give a 30% rebate to people with private health insurance? And, btw, Jeff and I could have coverage of full hospital and dental and glasses and the whole box and dice for $200a month. Stupid fucking USA government, waffling about maybe being able to do minor amendments to their health care system. They're allowing themselves to be bullied and/or bought by the HMO's, the Pharmaceutical companies and whoever else is on this nice little gravy train of expensive health care. Bastards.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Headline Haikus: All Your News in Seventeen Syllables

Their title is about 3 syllables off being a Haiku in itself. I get them emailed to me daily. It's automated and intersting how closely they can resemble the news item.

Monday, July 23, 2001

Bat Boy The Musical

OK, this wins the Best Website title for today! A nice little twist on gutter journalism, this makes a fun musical out of one of the most notorious headlines. I think I'll have to do a NYC trip with the spouse for an OB giggle.
Censors strike Harry Potter
"But the best magic of the Potter series doesn't occur at the Hogwarts School or at the World Quidditch Cup. It occurs when millions of kids around the world put down a video game or Pokemon card and pick up a 734-page book."

I'm appalled at the mindset of people trying to ban a harmless children's book. This is why I support my local library financially, and why I try to support Banned Books week. This year, it's September 2229, 2001, and the theme is " Celebrate Your Freedom to Read. Develop Yourself:
Expose Your Mind to a Banned Book "

Most Frequently Challenged Books for 2000
Most Frequently Challenged Authors for 2000
The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 19901999

I'm pleased that I've read a lot of these books, or I recognise the authors of a lot of these. I know I'm adding to my reading list, how about you?

Also, they have a nice little link to an article by Judy Blume, on the Harry Potter deal. - Ex-Beatle strongly denies near-death report - July 23, 2001

The Daily Mail is just gutter press of the highest order, really. Jeff believed the original nasty report, because it had quoted George Martin. Pulled that quote completely out of their arse, so it seems. Much as I despise Tom Cruise right now, I applaud his decisions to go after these gutter rags and make it not fiscally worth their while to fuck him over in their presses.