Friday, July 13, 2001

Warnings on Credit Card Bills?

$17AUbillion in credit card debt, spread over 19,277,000 people (taken from the 2000 estimate on the Australian Bureau of Stats website), is approximately $881 per every single person in the country. That doesn't sound too hideous... Although, you have to remember that for every 2 year old kid that's bringing down the average, is a young guy with A$28,000 debt on 14 separate cards.

Some random USA stats I found after a quick search, approx July 2000. US personal credit card debt; $529billion$US. Population of the USA; 275,562,673. Comes to a per capita debt of $1920.00. This does not surprise me, the aggression of the credit card companies over here has to be experienced to be believed. I was barely a social security number with no history of anything, let alone debt, in 1998, when I started receiving "You have been approved" letters for credit. Since my names been appearing on more and more financial records, I must average two or three credit card offers per week. That's every. single. week. And that's not including the ones that come address to Jeff! These are the same credit card companies that scream when people go into Debt Counselling, and lobby hard to make personal bankruptcy harder and more demeaning. Here's a tip; don't give out so much credit to so many people with so little verification in the first place.
Exec Hands Waitress Tip of a Lifetime

It's so very cool when someone with money does something like this for someone who hasn't.
'Girl From Ipanema' Fends Off Lawsuit

tall and tan and lean and lovely the girl from ipanema goes sue-ing....
Unsightly Screwcap a Winner in Preserving Wine

I'd be having a problem with the "Slight rubber like taste after 24 months" dealie here. Not all whites are drinkable straight away, I've had some seriously drinkable 10 year old frontignacs, so I'd want some long term testing before they start messing about with my wines.
Ducklings in Trouble, Mother Calls the Police

Is this cute, or is this Cute? Yes, I'm going goopy over a fuzzy animal story, nothing new here people.
Farmer Caught in Baler Saws Off Own Arm

Fuuuck... Could you do this? I mean, even to save your own life, sawing off your own arm takes intestinal fortitude.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Australian Research Fertilizes Eggs Without Sperm

Just for clarification; Reuters agency is in Adelaide, Monash Uni, where this is all happening is in Melbourne. When I saw Adelaide, I was immediately pulled into the article, anything about my home town (my actual home town is Ceduna, but articles on that are few and far between) is enough to make me read the whole thing. When I first read the headline, I thought it meant eggs fertilised completely without the guys involvement at all. This is a bit more inclusive than that, cells still come from the guy, so it's not removing anyone from the procreation process.
Actress Kidman Still Hoping to Meet Right Man

Yeah, I realise this is one eyed of me, but my feeling on this? Tom Cruise is a wanker.

Monday, July 09, 2001

Australia second only to one - - Page One

Now here's a report I could have pulled out of the bag when the INS chappie suggested I'd moved to the USA for a better standard of living...
Poundstone's drinking problem led to arrest, attorney says

Abuse and possible fondling morping into an acohol problem? I hope this gets sorted out soon...
Amarillo Globe-News: Opinion: Editorial: The bite is worse than the bark: Dog-thrower's sentence too stiff 06/27/01

"However, Burnett's idiotic actions, as unjustifiable as they are, do not warrant a sentence that - in comparison - a first-time child molester would not receive."

Loaded language, and I completely disagree. I don't think, as the writer is trying to project onto people who think this is a fair penalty, that it should e ranked higher than child molestation, but I do think it's a fair sentence. If you kill an animal inhumanely, by tossing it into traffic, as in this example, you should be punished with more than a slap on the wrist.