Abeyance - Elizabeth

American Graffiti - Dawn Gilpin

And if I Die Before I Wake... - Bob

Aries Moon - Lucy Huntzinger

Bad Hair Days - Beth Campbell

Becky Says - Becky

Bitchypoo - Robyn Anderson

Blowing Bubbles in the Wind - Sherry Osborne

Book of Rob - Rob Rummel-Hudson

Boylog - Chris

Bunt Sign - Michael

Butterflies are Free - Emmeke

Canadian Election

Cerebrations - Julie Rampke

Creme Rinse and Tobacco Smoke - Jolene Baldwin

Cutting Through Fluff - Terry

Daily Bleat - James Lileks

Daily Brad - Brad L Graham

Damn Hell Ass Kings

Deliah@diaryland - Deliah

Diary Registry - Diarist.net

Dreaming Among the Jade Clouds - Ginkgo

Fanmail - Fanmail

First Person Particular - Viv

Flightless - Liz

Foot Notes - Secra Terri

Flux Redux - Catherine Jamieson

Futurebird - Susan Murray

Gazing into the Abyss - Michael Rawdon

Gwen's Petty Evil Judgemental Thoughts - Gwen

Headspace v2.0 - Saundra

Imlebideli - Amethyst

Intimacy - Mike Brown

Iteration - Patrick Cleary

I wasn't built to get up at this time - Tim

Le Lagon du Dauphin - Le Dauphin

Life as it Happens - Rodney Breen

Man about Murfreesboro - Mike Reed

Noise - Never

Nova's Notes - Al Schroeder

Outside Headspace - Saundra

Out there - Tom

Pacific Biological Laboratories - Greyson Steinborn

Perfect Way - Sara Astruc

Perpetual Blonde - Keli

Plant Journals - You Grow Girl

Precipice - Amanda Page

Regret Nothing, Disavow when Needed - Dreama

Sans Fig Leaf - Gene Breshears

Scribbles from Scotland - Alastair Findlay

Seeking the Alien Shore - Rick Pali

Shimmer like a Girl - Georgina

smoke and mirrors - Mary Ellen

Sole Proprietor's Journal - The Sole Proprietor

Sperare - Kristin Thomas

Tous les visages de l'amour - Catreese

U9 - Scott Anderson

Urban Cowgirl - Nicola

US Election

Visions and revisions - Tamar

Walking Naked - Caoihme

World Wide Jeb - Jeb





Updated 2 December, 2000