Slicing December 2000

finishing the year

Anhedonia - Jette

2000: It was a year, all right.

Bad Hair Days - Beth

A Day of Sloth

Book of Rob - Rob - Rummel-Hudson

New Years Eve

Confessions - Dawn

The Year in Review

Mildew - Emily Weise

A Girdle with Suspenders: Such a Festive New Year's Eve Look

Naked and on Fire - Mireillie

last day &

oh...the dread

Noise - Never

Goodbye 2000

Notes to Myself - Renee

Fin de Siecle

Regret Nothing, Disavow when Needed - Dreama


Running with Scissors - Dawn

last letter of the year

Squishy - Pamie

2000 sounded so futuristic when it started

Sweet as a Biscuit - Kymm Zuckert


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Updated 1 January, 2001