Up early, 7:30, for the construction guy to start filling in the pool. Not that I needed to be up, per se, it’s just with the banging of the truck back as the dirt comes out, and the grader being right behind our bedroom window, continuing to sleep would not have been an issue.

Had several hours of web design to do before the day job, so no morning walk.

Worked late, until just after 8. Made dinner, a riff on the Fig Quesadillas. Figs at the local Pathmark are $1.00 each (each!!). I still had some of the coriander, purple onion, jalapeno mix that I wanted to use before it went slimy and sad. I substituted 1 diced avocado (for $1.50, better than $5.00 for figs) and covered that with the juice of 1/2 lime, so it would not go brown.

Jeff folded the tortilla like a burrito, and then in the oven for 10 minutes on full 350 heat, flipped, oven turned off, and the burrito crisped up nicely while we did a quick car dash to drop off a gift certificate and card for a friend’s grandson.

After we came back, and ate, we went for our walk. We walked up to the new food market on the corner of 5th and Broad, where I bought an Alex’s Stand Pink Lemonade. I made a couple of “how you doing, old fella?” cracks to Jeff, and we sprint walked for 5 or so minutes. Worked up a sweat!

10:10 – 10.47. No idea how far, the new pedometer decided it didn’t want to record after 251 steps. Feh! I thought I had it on right. I’m claiming at least a mile, we did a fairly brisk walk.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the two charity walks I’m signing up for!