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Who are the people I talk about? (sketchy details, more to follow)


The Main People

Amanda - me

Jeff - husband

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Charlie (12 y.o. desexed male, short hair domestic orange tabby, AU)

Mud (10 y.o. desexed male, long hair domestic orange & white tabby, AU)

Lucky (9 y.o. desexed male, short hair domestic dark brown, AU)

Hoover (3 y.o. desexed male, short hair domestic grey, US)

Adelaide (approx 4 month non neutered, short hair domestic brown and white tabby. She'll be neutered when her canines come in. She'll be old enough to cope with the anaesthetic, young enough not to have gone into heat)

Sam & Stu's Pets; Vinnie (Vincent) & Sumo (desexed male golden labradors)

Mum & Dad's Pets; Murphy (desexed male golden labrador)

Mom & Pop's pets; Jasper (18 y.o desexed female calico short hair)

Nanna's Pets; Tom Cat, Mischief aka Missy

Pets no longer living (c = cat, d = dog, b= bird); Sydeney (c) , Cyggy (d), Beau (d) Lassie(d), Graphite (c), Emily(c), Penelope(c), Tigger(c), Harold (b), Maude (b), Shad (d), Jasper (b) Mao Tse Tung (c)

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Family (my side)

OK. to make it short, which it isn't, but a precis then.

I have:

  • one sister (maybe more, as my biological father appears to have fathered more children in a later marriage, but we don't go there, as I haven't seen him since.. well, before I was 4, possibly younger than that.) , an one brother-in-law.
  • 2 Aunts and an Uncle on my mother's side (with attending/matching/married two Uncles and an Aunt, and 7 cousin kids),
  • 1 Uncle and 4 aunts on my Dad's side (the current married total of matching Aunts and Uncles is 2 uncles, with one aunt deceased, one uncle divorced, and one uncle I'm not sure if he's deceased, but he was divorced prior to that, not to mention the 12 cousins.)
  • Really not to mention the cousins various spouses, partners, significant others, and ensuing children, although I take a stab at it below.
  • Also, my biological father has a surviving mother, Grandma R, who I was in contact with a lot for a while, but haven't seen or contacted for over 8 years now, and a raft of brothers and sisters, who have husbands and wives and kids, adding to the already very large tally of Aunts, Uncles and first cousins. Some of which I know, most of which I don't. Some of which, I understand, live in the US, which could be interesting if I chose to follow that up. Which I haven't, up til now. There's nothing cliff-hangery about that, up til now moves to the day after and so on.

Mum - my Mum

Dad - my Dad (married my Mum and adopted me when I was 4, so he's my Dad)

Sam - sister in Australia

Stu - her husband

Nanna - my Mum's Mum.

Clarrie - her second husband, now in an nursing home. He has advanced Alzheimers disease.

Grandma R - my biological father's mum.

(deceased are my Mum's Dad, Ringie, my Dad's Mum and Dad, Nanna & Poppa, and my biological father's Father, who I never knew)

AC - Mum's oldest brother.

MC - his separated (divorced?) wife

children; DC, SC, TC, KC

MH - Mum's first twin sister

TPH - her husband

children, PH (oldest, son), BH (youngest, daughter). They both have a girlfriend/boyfriend, in that order, but I couldn't tell you their names

MCS - Mum's second twin sister

NS - her husband

MS - their only daughter

NG - Dad's oldest brother

BG - his late wife.

children L (her husband is P, they have a child, I think), D (she has a husband and at least 2-3 kids), P (I think he's married..)

FL - Dad's oldest sister (TL - divorced husband)

children - ML (oldest son - he has a wife V, she has a child, and they have a child together), BL (his wife VL, their three daughters who's names escape me), ALB (her separated husband SB, his child TB, their children together SB(girl) and.. the little boy)

HG - Dad's next oldest sister. Both her ex husbands are deceased, and I didn't know them well enough to give them initials..

children T and .. the one I always forget. No idea if they're married or what. HG lives with FL now.

BGD - Dad's second youngest sister. She's married to PD, who from accounts is not long for this world. One word - alcohol.

children - two sons, TD and BD. Girlfriends at one stage, no idea about wives or kids.

PB - Dad's youngest sister. She's married to NB.

children - KJB (oldest, daughter), AB (youngest, son)

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Family (Jeff's side)

And then there's Jeff. Although he's related to half this county, and several surrounding counties via second cousins and offshoots (Mom & Pop relatives), his immediate family is really quite easy (relatively speaking) to detail. He has;

  • two brothers and a sister, with attending wives and husbands, plus one brother's ex wife in another country, 2 nieces and 3 nephews in this country, and 2 nieces (that I've not met or been in contact with, and Jeff hasn't seen since 1988) in the other country with the brother's ex-wife
  • one never married uncle (on Pop's side)
  • one aunt, with husband (on Mom's side), and two daughters, one with a husband and two kids.
  • the other relatives are all second cousins and offshoots, and if I have to mention them specifically, I'll work out initials for them when that happens.

Mom - Jeff's Mom

Pop - Jeff's Dad

(both Jeff's parents parents are deceased, before I ever arrived on the scene.)

RCP - Jeff's Oldest brother

JP - Jeff's oldest brother's wife

NP - their daughter, and oldest child

RLP - their son and youngest child

BP - Jeff's second oldest brother

CP - Jeff's second oldest brother's wife

MP - their daughter, only child

LPP - Jeff's younger sister

EP - Lynda's husband

KP - their oldest son

DP - their youngest son

GP- Jeff's uncle (Pop's side)

MJB - Jeff's aunt (Mom's side)

ESB - Jeff's aunt's husband

KB - their youngest daughter

SBB - their oldest daughter

CB - her husband

BB - their oldest son

JB - their youngest son

MCP - RLP's first wife.

LAP - their oldest daughter

JAMP - their youngest daughter.

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(yes I have more than online friends. This is a quick slapup job, more as I mention them.)

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Whoever else needs to go here.

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